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Cord One


$50 deposit*


3 Weeks


About the Program

This is a three-week intense program that focuses on embedding discipline into the individual through physical and mental challenges while learning how to process emotional issues that arise during the program. The urban version utilizes a local community environment as the training ground.  The ranch version is living on the property for three weeks free of outside distraction, with no ready access to digital technology or cell phones. This program incorporates the daily challenges of a working ranch, living in men’s/women’s bunkhouses, rotating chores, and cooking tasks. Participants can earn phone privileges and internet access within the ranch computer lab based on performance and participation.

*Deposit will be refunded at program completion.

Your Instructor

Terry Davis

Terry Davis

Terry Davis is a US Army Desert Storm veteran and a true self-made success story. Rising from a childhood marked by poverty and violence, Terry displayed remarkable determination. Terry's relentless pursuit of self-improvement extends to his health and wellness, which he has diligently refined over the last decade. He prioritizes fresh and wholesome food choices, augments his physical capabilities to tackle daily tasks, and has mastered the art of mental fortitude through meditation and focused breathing techniques. He is known for choosing the path of most resistance and living each day as a training day.

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