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Cord Three


$100 deposit*


40 Weeks


About the Program

Cord Three is a nine-month extensive program set on the ranch with participants living in the bunkhouses initially, then transitioning into tiny homes as program allows. This program allows participants to fully devote themselves to transforming their lives into whatever that looks like for them to be successful, mind, body, and soul. During their time on the ranch, participants will be able to completely focus on discovering who they are, who they want to become, and what needs to happen to achieve those goals. They will have the ability to deep dive into root issues, using the resources and skills of ranch personnel, program partners, and volunteers to process their past and prepare for the future. They will be expected to participate in all aspects of ranch life, dealing with difficulties as they arise with the help of our skilled staff and volunteers. Participants will participate in daily physical training, extensive wilderness survival, comprehensive first aid and CPR, personal finance education, community improvement projects, and leadership training and employment coaching. Participants will be given leadership positions and privileges depending on progress and participation. Prior to graduation, everyone will participate in an internship program which will include returning to work and developing a real-world life plan.

*Deposit will be refunded at program completion.

Your Instructor

Terry Davis

Terry Davis

Terry Davis is a US Army Desert Storm veteran and a true self-made success story. Rising from a childhood marked by poverty and violence, Terry displayed remarkable determination. Terry's relentless pursuit of self-improvement extends to his health and wellness, which he has diligently refined over the last decade. He prioritizes fresh and wholesome food choices, augments his physical capabilities to tackle daily tasks, and has mastered the art of mental fortitude through meditation and focused breathing techniques. He is known for choosing the path of most resistance and living each day as a training day.

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