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$50 deposit*


3 days


About the Program

Retreats for families, couples, men/women, youth, organizations, and individuals will be hosted at various times throughout the year. These events will work on specific topics such as team building, trust building, community project management, conservation and wildlife habitat management, basic and advanced wilderness survival, land navigation, paramilitary skills, and just for relaxation. Please visit our events page for scheduled retreats or call our office to discuss scheduling a retreat for your organization.

*Deposit will be refunded at program completion.

Your Instructor

Terry Davis

Terry Davis

Terry Davis is a US Army Desert Storm veteran and a true self-made success story. Rising from a childhood marked by poverty and violence, Terry displayed remarkable determination. Terry's relentless pursuit of self-improvement extends to his health and wellness, which he has diligently refined over the last decade. He prioritizes fresh and wholesome food choices, augments his physical capabilities to tackle daily tasks, and has mastered the art of mental fortitude through meditation and focused breathing techniques. He is known for choosing the path of most resistance and living each day as a training day.

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