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TriCord Ruck & Run 2024: A Resounding Success!

In the heart of Oklahoma, the inaugural TriCord Ruck & Run 2024 event unfolded on April 13, 2024 with unwavering determination and a shared commitment to raising awareness for PTSD. This remarkable gathering brought together military personnel, veterans, and civilians, all united by a common cause. Held at Lake Stanley Draper, the event was a blend of camaraderie, physical endurance, and meaningful discussions about trauma and recovery.

Men and women in a variety of running and military clothing starting the 10K event.  One man carries a Marine Corp flag.
Participants in the inaugural TriCord Ruck & Run pass through the starting line for the 10K event.

TriCord Ranch Foundation: Empowering Lives

At the forefront of this event was the TriCord Ranch Foundation, a young Oklahoma City-based 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting those affected by trauma. Founded by passionate individuals who understand the profound impact of trauma, the foundation provides resources, education, and community support. Their mission is to empower individuals to heal, thrive, and find hope beyond their experiences.

Event Highlights and Achievements

The TriCord Ruck & Run 2024 not only introduced our foundation but also served as a platform to bring attention to the challenges of PTSD. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors—A+ Roofing Solutions of Jenks, REI CO-OP, 1st Phorm, Tinker Federal Credit Union, Mayhem Nation, and Operation Christmas Train Set Foundation—the event was a resounding success.

Stats That Matter:
  • Donations: A total of $4,046.59 was raised, demonstrating the community’s commitment to the cause.

  • Participants: 81individuals laced up their shoes and shouldered their rucksacks, ready to make an impact. Along with staff, volunteers, vendors, and spectators, there was over 125 in attendance for TriCord Ranch Foundations introduction into the community.

  • Trauma Discussions: Throughout the course of preparing for and holding the event, staff and volunteers of TriCord tracked 2,095 meaningful trauma-based conversations took place, fostering understanding and empathy.

  • Trauma-Informed Messaging Reach: An impressive 18,365 people received vital information about trauma and its effects from January 1 – April 13.

Group photo of participants and award winners of TriCord Ruck & Run 2024 with TriCord Ranch Foundation staff and volunteers.
Awards were provide to the leading individuals and teams of TriCord Ruck & Run events. The foundation also recognized the 5K and 10K "Middleman" to encourage those who persevered and finished the race.

Winners and Acknowledgments

We are proud to announce the winners of our various race categories:

  • 5K Run Individual: Lorenzo Anaya of Raton, NM

  • 5K Ruck Individual: Marianna Eubanks of Yukon

  • 10K Run Individual: Colin Bell of Lawton

  • 10K Ruck Individual: Cris Croslin of Norman

  • 5K Team Run: OK Catholic Runners (Scott Sennello of Oklahoma City, Tara Turner of Shawnee, Audrey Campbell of Piedmont)

  • 5K Team Ruck: Propofol Pushers (Marianna Eubanks of Yukon, Gary Gulickson of Edmond, Karrie Swartz of Oklahoma City, Jillian Lawson of Oklahoma City)

  • 10K Team Ruck: 95th Drill Sergeants (Jonatan Kieft of Norman, Travis Danley of Noble, Eric Price of Guthrie, Viktoreia McBride of Lawton, Rachel Aguilar of Lawton; Led by Chris Croslin of Norman)

  • 5K Middleman: Tyler Funk of Vance Air Force Base in Enid

  • 10K Middleman: James Bonds of Piedmont

Looking Ahead

The overwhelming success of this event has set a solid foundation for future endeavors. Mark your calendars for April 12, 2024, as Lake Stanley Draper once again becomes a hub of determination, compassion, and community spirit. We look forward to building on this year's success and continuing our mission to support trauma survivors and promote community healing.

Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, and supported the TriCord Ruck & Run 2024. Your involvement and generosity have made a significant impact, and we are excited for the future of TriCord Ranch Foundation

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