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A place of healing, empowerment,
and transformation

Reclaiming lives, building skills, and giving back.

There's so much more to life than just surviving. 

Agricultural Efforts

Green Energy

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Our Roots

TriCord Ranch Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation which works to be a sanctuary where people can reclaim their lives after trauma, learn essential life skills, and contribute to their community and the world. We aim to impart essential life skills, foster community engagement, and promote global contributions. Our programs offer holistic treatment options for processing trauma and managing post traumatic stress(PTS). Our vision revolves around creating a haven for peace of mind and well-being through the operational framework of a working ranch. Through everyday challenges and skills encountered on the ranch, we aspire to guide individuals in discovering positive ways to navigate their world and interact with others. While we primarily serve military, veterans, at-risk youth, young nonviolent offenders and their families, TriCord strives to serve any person who comes to us for assistance.  

Forging Courage, Refining Character

African American young woman on farm

Helping Oklahomans Improve Themselves, Mind, Body, and Soul

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By donating to TriCord Ranch Foundation, you become a partner in our mission, a guardian of hope, and an advocate for resilience. Explore the various ways you can make a difference, from one-time donations to monthly contributions, or even becoming a sponsor for one of our transformative programs. Your support is the cornerstone of our work, and together, we can empower survivors to find their path to recovery, rediscover their strength, and reclaim their lives.

Join us in the pursuit of transformation, and let's make the world a better place, one donation at a time. 


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