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Life Skills

TriCord Ranch Foundation empowers individuals with a diverse set of life skills essential for personal growth and success. Through our programs, participants learn skills need to be successful while on the ranch and in life after the program. 

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Financial Literacy 

TriCord trainers provide practical education on budgeting, saving, and financial planning to foster responsible money management for all of our program participants.

Interpersonal Communication

Techniques for effective communication, conflict resolution, and building healthy relationships are essential for any individual. It has become a lost skill with the digital disconnect evident after the neccesary isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Drawing on a Board

Problem-solving and Critical Thinking

Program participants work together to tackle every day challenges, think analytically, and make informed decisions to achieve daily tasks as they arise. The ranch provides a unique setting with many opportunities to improve strategic thinking and develop organizational skills.

Stress and Anger Management

Stress can do incredibly destructive things to a body. Our trainers focus on providing participants with tools to manage stress, regulate emotions, and develop coping mechanisms. These tools can help decrease physical aliments, improve sleep, provide clear thinking, and change a person's entire life for the better.

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Interviewee training

Job Readiness

We work with all participants to help them prepare for successful employment upon graduation. Our services include skill training, resume building, and interview coaching.

Emergency Survival Skills

Participants in all of TriCord programs will be educated on survival skills from the very basic first aid to in-depth wilderness survival techniques, home maintenance to small engine repair, and practical knowledge for emergency situations.

Community Garden TriCord Ranch Foundation

Environmental Awareness

The world is more than just a place for humans to live and find needed resources. It is the basis for all living things as we know them. As a part of the One Health Initiative, TriCord Ranch Foundation focus' on providing education on sustainability, conservation, and responsible stewardship of natural resources.

Nutrition for Healthy Body

TriCord Ranch Foundation educates participants about nutrition through a comprehensive approach that emphasizes the importance of healthy eating habits and overall well-being. We emphasize the integration of nutrition into everyday life, encouraging participants to adopt sustainable, long-term dietary changes rather than short-term fixes.

Nutritional Cooking TriCord Ranch Foundation
Outdoor Gym physical fitness

Whole Body Wellness

Prioritizing a holistic approach to wellness, everything we do includes emphasizing physical well-being for comprehensive health. TriCord participants learn about different types of physical exercises, their benefits, and how they complement a healthy lifestyle.

Hygiene is more than bathing

By incorporating hygiene education into our programs, TriCord Ranch Foundation promotes not only physical cleanliness but also mental and emotional well-being, empowering participants to adopt healthy habits that contribute to their overall health and confidence.

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Charity Volunteers

Community is the heart of TriCord

We aim to instill a sense of social consciousness, foster personal development, and create a lasting impact on both the participants and the communities they serve. Community service is incorporated into all TriCord Ranch Foundation programs. Participants will have to complete a certain amount of community service hour to qualify for graduation.

Animal Care 

Involving participants in animal care on the ranch, we offer a therapeutic and educational experience that fosters empathy, responsibility, and emotional growth, while also providing a unique avenue for physical activity and outdoor engagement.

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