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Ruck & Run FAQs

Social teams are welcomed at TriCord Ruck & Run. Get a discount when registration of 3 or more participant.


We are a cupless race. What does that mean?                                                                                                            

Trail races have minimized cups for years. There are two practical reasons. One, can you imagine all the cups you see on a marathon course thrown into the woods? Awful! Next, in a trail race, you often run miles between aid stations and need a hydration system. You must carry a hydration system to carry water and your electrolyte drink. 
We will have minimal water bottles (single-use plastic) at the finish line. We recommend that you bring a reusable container to fill with cold water. There will be several food trucks at finish line where you will be able to purchase cold drinks and water. 

What is the date, time, and location of the race?

TriCord Ruck & Run will be held at Draper West Point Lookout Trail on the west side of Lake Stanley Draper on April 13, 2024 is the day of the race. Check-in begins at 8am at the Check-in Tent. 10K starts at 9am. 5K starts at 9:30am. Fun Ruck starts at 10am. 

How can I register for the race and what is the registration fee?

Registration is being facilitated though

The registration fee is dependent on when you register and which event you're registering for. There are significant discounts when registering for the race early. Teams with three or more members are discounted as well. Please check  for more information on individual and team registration.

What are the race categories and age groups?​

We will give awards to the individuals and team with the least overall time for completing the 10K and 5K  w/o a weighted ruck and with a weighted ruck.


What are the race amenities and benefits, such as T-shirts, medals, refreshments, etc.?

Each participant will receive a TriCord Ruck & Run 2024 T-shirt and patch. The top individual and team finishers will receive medals and prizes from our sponsors. 

What is the race course and elevation profile?

The race course follows Draper Point West Lookout Trails. The trail is actually 3.8 miles long, but there will be a turnout spot at 3.1 miles. 

How will the race be timed and scored?

The race will have 12:1 Running providing timing and live online results. Participants can enable finish time text and email notifications for themselves, friends, and family. All runners will also be able to view, download, print, and share a custom finisher certificate with their time.

The event will use a CHIP START system and scoring will be done on chip times. Runners should line up based on your expected finish time.

The teams time will be calculated when the last member of the team crosses the finished line. Times will be uploaded to the race website on

Where do I pick up my packet?

Packet pick-up will be the day of the race at registration, TriCord Ranch Foundation tent. This is just north of the First Aid tent.

Where can I find the race results and photos?

Times and photos will be uploaded to the race website on

What are the race rules and safety guidelines?

Please practice common sense regarding your health and participating in any physical activity.

Trail running/hiking can be strenuous and challenging. Early training and preparation will aid in success.

Portable restrooms will be will be on site. Please remain socially distanced while waiting in line for the restroom. 

The event will use a CHIP START system and scoring will be done on chip times. Runners should line up  based on your expected finish time.

How can I contact the race organizers or volunteers?

Anyone can contact TriCord Ranch Foundation by emailing or through 405-429-9388. 

What are the parking and transportation options for the race? 

There is onsite parking for approximately 100 cars. There are two options for overflow parking within .5 mile away. It's approximately a 5-10 min walk from the overflow parking to the event site. 

How can I support or donate to the race cause or charity?

Monetary donations to TriCord Ranch Foundation can be made through our website, Facebook profile, or in-person on race day. Please visit our Donate page for more information on ways to give to TriCord.


We need volunteers to help with race set-up, race check-in, awards, and clean-up. Please visit our Volunteer Registration page for more information on how to volunteer. 


As a young non-profit, operations have been dependent on our donors. We have received a small grant which has provided pens and notebooks for our program participants. We are extremely grateful for all of the support of our donors and volunteers. 

I registered for the race, but now I can’t run. May I get a refund?      

There are no refunds.


If I can no longer run, may I still get my bib and shirt?        

Yes, you or a friend can pick up the bib and shirt during packet pickup. However, we will not mail race shirts, nor will we provide finisher item to anyone who did not attend the event.


How do I fix an error on my registration?        

If you need to change the distance, shirt size or emergency contact information, email us at


Do you have an age requirement to participate in your race?      

Minors (under the age of 18) are allowed to participate if the parent/guardian gives permission. Youth ages 16 years and older are able to participant in the timed 10K and 5K Ruck & Run. Participants of all ages are welcomed to run in either the untimed 10K or 5K Rucks or Runs. The 1M Fun Ruck is also open to participants of all ages. 

If the minor runs with you, please ensure they can handle the distance. Ensure they have the gear needed for the trail, including proper shoes and a hydration system. If the minor runs independently, they must also be able to follow course markings and instructions. They should also follow all rules of the trail and race course.


Do you cancel if it rains/snows or if there is severe weather?      

We can plan and prepare for a lot, but we can’t control the weather. Most of the time, when it rains, we will still hold the event.
When you register, you sign an agreement that you understand unexpected natural occurrences happen, and you will not receive a refund. The reason is that our race expenses are sunk long before race day.
We will do everything possible to avoid this from happening. Options we will consider include postponing to an alternate date.


May I change the distance I am running?     

You can change your distance, but it must be done before the race starts. Simply email us in advance or tell us race morning.        
If you choose to drop, you must come by the check-in table near start/finish and notify us before leaving the event.


May a friend/family member pick up my bib?        

Yes, make sure you have had a conversation and there is no confusion about who is picking up your bib and race shirt.


May I exchange for a different shirt size than what I registered for?        

We want you to have a shirt that you can wear. Shirts are ordered based on the sizes given during registration. Bring your clean, unworn shirt to the start/finish area and if shirts available we can exchange. 


Are dogs allowed on the trails or at the start/finish?        

For safety of all participants, we cannot allow dogs in the race. We understand that many people want to bring their dogs to the start/finish. If you or your guest bring a dog, they must always be on a leash and under control. There will be security at the event who will has the dog and owner to leave if an animal is not able to behave. 


Why are headphones/music discouraged?        

We share the trails with others in the race, the public and wild animals. It is necessary to be aware of your surroundings and hear people coming up behind you. For this reason, we suggest that you either don’t wear headphones or listen to music in only one ear at a low volume. Music played by a speaker is not allowed while on the trail. This makes it harder to hear others on the trail and disturbs the people around you.


Have friends who want to register?    

We will keep registration open online until race start. The sooner they register, the more likely they will get a race shirt.

Team FAQs

Social teams are welcomed at TriCord Ruck & Run. Get a discount when registration of 3 or more participant.

  • Each team name needs to be different

  • Teams must have at least 3 members and a maximum of 5. The course can be narrow in places and will have runners going both directions at times. We need to make sure that everyone is safe and theres room for people to pass as needed. 

  • The team earns points toward team scoring as members cross the finish line

  • The top team per race distance on race day will win a special team competition medal

  • No limit to the number of teams that can enter as long as each team name is different



How does the team scoring work for this event?
Similar to Cross Country team scoring:  The team members who cross the line will score points towards the overall team score.  The team with the lowest overall team score will be the podium finishers on race day.  We will award the top team per race distance on race day.

Do all team members get a special medal if we make the top podium for teams?
Yes: all team members of the top team will receive a special team competition medal.

We belong to a large running club does that mean only 5 of us can compete in the team category?
NO:  As long as you create a unique team name for a maximum of 5 members you can register as many 5 person teams as you want.  Example, myclubname-1, myclubname-2, myclubname-3, etc.

If I have already registered for this race can I add myself to a team later?
YES: shoot us a message. We will manually add you to a team as long as it does not have 5 members already.

What if I am a podium finisher in my race do I still get the bling for the team competition?
NO:  you're either running with you team or you're running as an individual. There's no combining awards this year.

Does everyone on the team have to run the same distance?
YES:  there is a team completion for each race distance so all team members wanting to compete for the special team completion medals must run the same race distance on race day.  So if you have a large running club you could have a 5k team and a 10k team that would all be eligible to win a team completion medal.

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