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Help us heal, empower, and transform lives

TriCord Ranch Foundation's programs are designed to help clients heal their minds, bodies, and souls through navigating daily life, strengthening their minds by learning new skills, and traversing the daily challenges of working with a diverse population of others to achieve common goals.

By donating to TriCord Ranch Foundation, you become a partner in our mission, a guardian of hope, and an advocate for resilience. Your support is the cornerstone of our work, and together, we can empower survivors to find their path to recovery, rediscover their strength, and reclaim their lives.

Join us in the pursuit of transformation, and let’s make the world a better place, one donation at a time.

Ways to Donate

Choose the option that suits you best

While monetary donations are the first thing that comes to peoples mind when they think about donating to a charity, there are many other ways to donate. We appreciate every donation, no matter how big or small. Your generosity helps us provide holistic wellness programs for Oklahomans who have suffered from trauma, and to create a more resilient community. There are many ways you can support our cause, and we want to make it easy and convenient for you to do so. 

One-time Donors

Your donation to TriCord Ranch Foundation holds the power to transform lives. Even a single contribution becomes the cornerstone of change, enabling us to extend vital support to communities in need. Your donation isn't just a financial contribution; it's a beacon of compassion that ignites a cycle of positive change. Join us in making a profound difference today.

Grant Funders

Grant funders play a pivotal role in TriCord Ranch Foundation's ability to innovate and scale our impact. Their invaluable support not only validates our mission but also fuels our capacity to implement visionary projects and programs. Grant funders become partners in progress, enabling us to create sustainable change, address systemic issues, and pioneer new avenues for social betterment. Their collaboration empowers us to amplify our efforts, elevate our impact, and forge a brighter future for those we serve.

Asset Donations

Donating assets to TriCord Ranch Foundation stands as a powerful avenue for both the organization and the donor to create enduring impact. By gifting appreciated assets, donors not only support our cause but also optimize their financial planning, potentially reducing tax liabilities while making a substantial difference in the lives of those we serve. It's a transformative gesture that creates a ripple effect of positive change for all involved.

Reoccurring Donors

A monthly donation to TriCord Ranch Foundation amplifies your impact in remarkable ways. Consistency is key in fueling sustained change, and your recurring contribution ensures a steady lifeline of support to those who need it most. By becoming a monthly donor, you provide stability and enable us to plan ahead, enhancing the scope and depth of our initiatives.

Corporate Partners

Corporate sponsors bring dynamic partnerships that drive both social impact and business success. Partnerships can take various forms, from sponsorship of events and programs to cause-related marketing campaigns that engage customers while supporting our mission. By joining forces with TriCord Ranch Foundation, businesses gain the opportunity to align their brand with a meaningful cause, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility. 

Memorial Gifts

Donating to TriCord Ranch Foundation through memorial gifts is a poignant way to honor the legacy of a loved one while contributing to a cause that holds significance. These gifts serve as a lasting tribute, commemorating the life and values of the deceased by supporting our mission. It's a beautiful way to memorialize a life while uplifting others in need, fostering a legacy of compassion and generosity.

Providing support for trauma victims

Which type of donation works for you?

Thank you for supporting TriCord Ranch Foundation!
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