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Partnering to provide a healthy, easy protein solutions for daily life

We are thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with JustMeats made possible through our partnership with Mayhem Affiliates. This venture has provided us with a unique opportunity to provide financial support to TriCord Ranch Foundation will offering a special discount to our community. By visiting and applying the discount code "tricordranch" at checkout, our supporters will receive a discount on their purchase, and each sale will contribute up to 30% of the sale to our foundation. This is a fantastic way to support our cause while enjoying

premium quality meats.

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No Fuss, All Flavor Ready & Delivered

Use Discount Code, "tricordranch" to receive at least 10% off your order and provide financial support to TriCord Ranch Foundation.  


Join over a thousands of happy customers!

Meats Delivered


Pounds Cooked

345,431 lb

Happy Customers



Make your order now!

Order your delicious, healthy proteins now at using the exclusive discount code:


Support TriCord Ranch Foundation while indulging in premium quality, Ranch to Table meats. No Fuss, All Flavor, Just Meats

Smoked Texas Brisket

Ground Beef Chuck

Baised Shredded Beef

Chimichurri Steak

Carne Asada

Hawaiian Teryaki Beef

Sweet & Spicy Pork

Hawaiian Shredded Pork

Texas Pulled Pork

Lean Ground Turkey

Roasted Chicken Breast

Roasted Diced Chicken

Pollo Asado

Buffalo Chicken Breast

Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken

Texas Rub Chicken Thigh

Raspberry BBQ Chicken

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